What We Are About

Welcome to Champion You an online store with books, courses, and merchandise to inspire you to tap into your inner champion and create the lifestyle and business you deserve.

When you wear Champion You clothing, you inspire yourself that you have greatness within you. You are wearing a reminder of your potential and the greatness within you!

This fashionable motivation clothing will make you stand out from the crowd and you will inspire others to find their greatness!

The books have been changing people's lives all over the world. Even incarcerated men are currently reading these transformational books to help them create the next chapter of their lives.

Go ahead and pick out something that resonates with you and become a part of the Champion You family! 

About Us

Danny Stone

Coach / Speaker / Teacher / Author

The Ready4Change Fashion merchandise is founded by Coach Danny Stone or "Coach Stone' as he is known. It's based on his Ready4Change framework that has helped countless people level up their lives and their businesses.

For almost 20 years he has been inspiring thousands of people to change their lives and soar to their higher potential.

He's an Author, Coach, Speaker, Teacher, Podcast Host and Community Servant that believes everyone has something special within them and they need to find it and share it with the world.

This was the inspiration for the Ready4Change online store. Danny wanted people to wear and read their inspiration and remind themselves and others of the greatness we all have inside of us.